• Truform is available with a wide range of mechanisms including synchro-tilters, knee-tilters, multi-tilters, tilters, operators, task chairs, drafting stools (with task mechanisms) and multi-tilters for heavy duty applications (TS models).
  • Standard with height adjustable “SC” arms, ratchet back height adjustment and arched injection molded base in black. An optional polished aluminum base is available at an upcharge.
  • Available in a variety of fabrics and most vinyls.
  • Heavy duty models are rated for multi-shift use for users weighing up to 350 lbs.

Upholstery options:


  • 5450-0/3/4/5: 26″W x 25″D x 42″H
  • 5450-2: 26″W x 25″D x 42.5″H
  • 5450-6/8: 26″W x 25″D x 41.5″H
  • 5451-0/3/4/5: 26″W x 25″D x 38.5″H
  • 5451-2: 26″W x 25″D x 39″H
  • 5451-6/8: 26″W x 25″D x 38″H
  • 5454-5: 20″W x 25″D x 38.5″H
  • 5454-6: 20″W x 25″D x 38″H

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