Kadin Tables



  • Kadin™ adds modern flair to your meeting space. From formal conference rooms, to intimate meeting spaces or open forums, Kadin fits wherever people meet.
  • Choose from round, square or rectangular tops in a variety of sizes.
  • Tops are made from high pressure laminate or wood veneer in two thicknesses and nine edge options.


  • Rectangular Table High Pressure 2B:
    • Available Widths: 48″, 54″, 60″, 66″, 72″, 78″, 84″, 96″
    • Available Depths: 36″, 42″, 48″
    • Available Height: 29.5″
  • Square Table High Pressure 2B:
    • LKD3636: 36″W x 36″D x 29.5″H
    • LKD4242: 42″W x 42″D x 29.5″H
    • LKD4848: 48″W x 48″D x 29.5″H
    • LKD5454: 54″W x 54″D x 29.5″H
    • LKD6060: 60″W x 60″D x 29.5″H
  • 3 Leg Round Table High Pressure 2B:
    • LKD36DIA: 36″Dia x 29.5″H
    • LKD42DIA: 42″Dia x 29.5″H
    • LKD48DIA: 48″Dia x 29.5″H
    • LKD54DIA: 54″Dia x 29.5″H
    • LKD60DIA: 60″Dia x 29.5″H
  • 4 Leg Round Table High Pressure 2B:
    • LKD436DIA: 36″Dia x 29.5″H
    • LKD442DIA: 42″Dia x 29.5″H
    • LKD448DIA: 48″Dia x 29.5″H
    • LKD454DIA: 54″Dia x 29.5″H
    • LKD460DIA: 60″Dia x 29.5″H