Granada Deluxe

Granada Deluxe


  • The popular features of Granada combined with a more contoured shape, slightly larger seat and back, heavily padded cushions and a modern arm pad design.
  • Designed with contoured seats and front waterfall edges.
  • Features include lumbar back height and an infinite back angle adjustment.
  • Offers a wide selection of optional arms, many of which are adjustable in height, width or angle.

Upholstery options:


  • 1170-0: 26″W x 23.5″D x 46″H
  • 1170-2: 26″W x 23.5″D x 45.5″H
  • 1170-3: 26″W x 23.5″D x 45″H
  • 1170-8: 26″W x 23.5″D x 44″H
  • 1171-0: 26″W x 23.5″D x 43″H
  • 1171-2: 26″W x 23.5″D x 42.5″H
  • 1171-3: 26″W x 23.5″D x 42″H
  • 1171-5: 26″W x 23.5″D x 39″H
  • 1171-6: 26″W x 23.5″D x 38″H
  • 1171-8: 26″W x 23.5″D x 41″H
  • 1172-5: 21″W x 23.5″D x 39″H
  • 1172-6: 21″W x 23.5″D x 38″H

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