Licence 2

Licence_Table 1


  • Some of the best things happen around a table. Spark an idea. Put forward a new perspective. Solve a problem. Take your seat at the table.
  • Whether it is formal or casual, fixed or mobile, for large groups or small teams, Licence 2 provides an extensive range of options to bring people together.
  • Casual meeting and huddle areas. Create refined, yet comfortable places for small groups to meet and collaborate in open or private settings.
  • Harness technology and support teamwork both in-person and remotely.
  • Collaborative tables are freestanding and can be used in open areas or against walls.
  • Boardrooms and meeting rooms. Personalize quickly, easily and cost-effectively to get the exact look you want.
  • Integrated power and data management supports technology seamlessly in your space.
  • Cafés and lounges. Support impromptu meetings and places to socialize comfortably and conveniently.
  • A wide range of top shapes, base options, finishes, sizes and heights can be combined to suit any space or look.



  • Rectangular Table Tops (LTR) & Boat Table Tops (LBT):
    • Available Widths: 96″, 108″, 120″, 132″, 144″, 156″, 168″, 180″, 192″
    • Standard Height: 48″

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